Public transport

In the field of public transport we provide full-scope comprehensive advisory services.

We offer i.a.:

  • comprehensive preparation and handling of public orders including tenders or licenses for transport services
  • ex-ante and ex-post compensation audits
  • preparation of draft agreements (including trust agreements) and other necessary acts
  • specialist analysis and opinions concerning public aid
  • comparative analysis (benchmarking)
  • various types of research including above all research relating to: vehicle fill factor, ticket structure, marketing and mystery client type research
  • preparation of transport plans
  • analysis of market situation relating to transport
  • analysis of ticket systems and operators
  • preparation of transport models
  • optimization of transport networks
  • comprehensive concept for organization and development of public transport within a given area
  • research and calculation of profitability of communication lines
  • management and financial control audits
  • restructurization and optimization plans concerning operations of transport companies
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